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    Harper10 on #192664

    What is an appropriate way to change harp instructors? I have been studying with an instructor for 6 months and we have no contract of any dort. It’s more freelance based for her. She emailed me to set up another lesson, but I thought I would tell her my decision to move to a different instructor by phone and then send her a handmade thank you note (I’m an illustrator). I really enjoyed working for her but this other instructor is a better fit for meand how I want to grow with the instrument. Is this an appropriate approach?

    Thank you

    carl-swanson on #192704

    I would try to do it in as friendly way as possible. Who knows, maybe down the line you will want to study with this teacher again. At the very least, you may run into her occasionally and you want it to be friendly. Tell her that because you’re so new to the harp you’d like to try a couple of different teachers to see if one is a better fit than another. Something like that. And thank her for all the great work she did with you during the time you studied with her.

    Andelin on #192711

    I may be old fashioned, but I think it’s best to break the news face to face, if possible. Phone call is second best, and email or text is probably at the bottom of the list. It depends somewhat on how you normally communicate outside of lessons, etc. the “rules” have changed with all the new ways of communicating, but that’s my 2 cents.

    Just tell her what you said here–that you have enjoyed these past six months, but you would like to try a different teacher. Then send a card in the mail expressing your appreciation. Anyone who teaches must be prepared for the eventuality of their students leaving them, so hopefully she will know how to handle it with grace.

    Good luck. 🙂

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #194006

    A hand-illustrated break-up card is just that, and does not make up for the loss of income. Treating the teacher as a freelancer to be easily discarded is, at the very least, rude, if not nasty. If you want to be considerate, have one more lesson, informing the teacher prior to it that it will be the last one. You have created an expectation of being able to come, which means having time set aside. A teacher does not deserve to be fired without notice. Would you like that as an illustrator?
    My students pay in advance, that way my time is reserved and paid for.

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