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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #189707

    I remember thinking, when I had played the harp for ten years, how well I could play. I really had mastered the instrument. When I had played the harp for twenty years, I remember thinking, how well I could play. I had really mastered the instrument. The same thing happened after three decades. Now, after four decades plus, I REALLY HAVE MASTERED THE INSTRUMENT AND REALLY KNOW HOW TO PLAY! Guess what I’ll be saying at fifty years, I hope.
    P.S., It’s exactly the same with pieces you learn. You’ll really know them after 20-30-60 years.

    Alison on #189716

    Your cup is always full then – are you saying that lists of pieces Never-Started and Never-Finished don’t exist ? I am simply relieved to be able to learn pieces that were previously way beyond me, it’s thro’ reading Harp Column that I began to understand just how long they take to bed-in, perfect and revise.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #190287

    It seems like learning new pieces is getting more difficult, but improving old ones is getting easier.

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