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    Marisa Klages on #155574

    I can’t figure this out and I’ve read a bunch but nothing that I’m finding decribes my problem- In my lowest octave, I’ve got two pins that when I tun them to the correct note, as soon as I pull my tuning key off they slide back to hellish horror notes. How should I correct this? Is something wrong with the string? (they both have new strings, but I’ve changed strings before and never had this problem…) Or is it the pin?

    Advice much appreciated.



    Sid Humphreys on #155575

    Push the pin in while you tune. Sometimes, after changing the strring, they can loosen up a bit. Put a little muscle in it! ;-)


    patricia-jaeger on #155576

    Also, while the old string has been removed, before putting on the new one, blow into the empty hole after removing the metal tuning pin, to remove any residue that accumulated over time. Then, before putting the pin pack in, wipe it clean with a napped (fleece, towelling, etc.) cloth. Then once the pin is in again and you begin to restring, two things are important: As mentioned above, use a corkscrew motion, pushing in and turning at the same time. Secondly, once you begin

    Sherri Matthew on #155577

    Hi Patricia,
    Thanks for posting good advice. I have had this problem with my wire harp occasionally. I have never attempted to remove the tuning pin to clean it as you suggested, just cork screw it in while taking up the tension. Sometimes it slips back and then I end up having to push harder on the pin.
    Last week I broke the lowest E string on my Triplett Luna after trying to deal with a problem like this. It is coil wound and the outer wrapping broke, I think after some flexing on the pin and my attempts to move it further down the tapered pin, so I would have a little more slack. It did not want to stay on E.
    The next time this becomes a problem for me I’ll see about sliding the pin out. Thanks again.

    Marisa Klages on #155578

    Thanks everyone,

    I’m gonna give it a shot. I just practiced for two days missing my lower bass notes. lol

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