Help finding markings for Schelomo by Bloch and suite 1 of the 3 Cornered Hat

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    wendy-willis on #196230

    I was hoping someone would be kind enough to email me markings for Bloch’s Schelomo and Suite one of the 3 Cornered hat by De Falla.


    My email:


    Wendy Willis


    Gretchen Cover on #196234

    I am trying to find music for a baby shower and in doing so, I read about a piece composed by Bernard Andres called “Baby Day.”  There are four pieces in the suite:  Play, Siesta, Dance and Stroll. Does anyone know if/where this is available?  I checked all the websites I know of in the US and Europe. Perhaps it is in a book.  None of the websites lists the individual pieces of Andres that are contained in book form.  Thanks for any help.

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