Hello…from another newbie!

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    Leslie Davis on #158871


    kay-lister on #158872

    Welcome to the group Leslie!

    :-) Kay

    jessica-wolff on #158873

    Leslie, that is a beautiful harp, and so is his “pseudo-Erard,” as someone here called it. The price is reasonable too, and I’ve heard good things about the sound. What would discourage me, as it has others on this forum, is that it is 69″ high. Especially with Truitt levers, how do you reach the levers in the bass without jumping up out of your chair? At 5’0″, I couldn’t do it.

    Leslie Davis on #158874

    Thank you, Kay.

    Leslie Davis on #158875

    Hello, Jessica.

    deb-l on #158876

    hi Leslie, welcome, nice intro, already decided on a harp, unlike my rather confusing introduction and how about this harp.. no how about that one threads!

    Leslie Davis on #158877

    Hello, Deb.

    deb-l on #158878

    Leslie, I am really trying to go with a Folk nylon strung harp, but in
    truth my dream harp is a Salvi Ana, totally impractical.

    Leslie Davis on #158879

    Oooh, nice – the ‘Ana’.

    deb-l on #158880

    Do you have an estimate when your harp will be ready to ship Leslie?

    Pat Eisenberger on #158881

    Welcome, Leslie!

    Not only to the Harp Column Forum, but to the growing family of Webster Harp owners. I brought my McFall home last November. His shop is minutes away from my house. He’s a wonderful fellow to do business with. Has be begun work on your harp yet? If so, has he sent you any pictures of the work in progress?

    Leslie Davis on #158882

    I don’t have an exact ship date as yet.

    Leslie Davis on #158883

    Hello, Pat.

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