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    mr-s on #207533

    Hello everybody! I miss you all really, and miss that time when I used to post here and to answer others. Hope you are all doing well.

    My lovely and best wishes for you all.

    Basel from Sweden now.

    sherry-lenox on #207534

    I am happy to see your post!

    mr-s on #207536

    Thank You so much Sherry.

    Donna O on #207537

    So good to hear from you. Hope you are well. Are you able to play at all?

    Sylvia on #207538

    I’m so glad to hear you are safe in Sweden. Hope your harp is there with you!

    mr-s on #207539

    Hello Donna! Thank you so much. It’s a big kind of you. I am playing when I am invited to play. It’s so hard for Harpists in Sweden, it’s not popular instrument at all. And the classical music is not supported so much.

    mr-s on #207540

    Hello dear Sylvia! Thank you so much for your thinking about me. I had left my country with nothing with me, only the dresses I had it on me. But I got a gift from Madam Susan McDonald and Salvi harps, they collaborated together to send me a Salvi harp, and Willy Postma participated too in helping me. I did play some solo concerts and playing with an academic orchestra. But there is no real job in harp. I am obliged to leave the harp and find another profession.

    patricia-jaeger on #207624

    Hello Basel,

    A man in my area who had the same good teacher that I had, married a lovely soprano singer and they made quite a few recordings together, of lighter music such as popular, melodic pieces, folk songs, carols, rather than strictly classical. The recordings sold well and now they tour yearly as well. They do very well financially because their concerts attract largely older audiences who prefer well known melodic pieces. Perhaps if you make a recording or two with someone who sings or plays a solo instrument such as violin you could share enough of the melody and not simply accompany.When they tour they each modify their speaking a bit from the stage, to include a bit about the area in which they play-the ball team there, or the weather, or recent local news, etc, with some humor as well so the audiences warm up to them and want them back next year.Just an idea in case it may help you to stay with your harp. Glad you posted again!

    mr-s on #208417

    Hello dear Patricia. I did record this famous Arabic old song hope you like it.

    catherine-rogers on #208427

    Love your recording. That is a beautiful song! So glad to hear that you are well and still playing. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. Take care of yourself, and never stop playing the harp, Basel.

    mr-s on #208428

    Hello Dear Catherine! Thank you so much for your supportive words. I am trying to fight with the Harp playing. My new life is so hard in music, in a new country. But I am trying. I will start a job not in music soon. As there are no real job for me in music in Sweden. I will keep trying.

    My regards and best wishes for you and your family. And to every one here.


    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #210331

    Love your playing, and I have thought about you several times when I heard of all the problems in Syria. I’m so glad you are safe, and that you have another harp to play. Hope you find time to wedge playing in somewhere — even though you can’t make a living doing it in Sweden. My best to you….


    Jerusha Amado on #210336

    Basel– that is a beautiful song. You are so talented!

    Briggs–So good to hear from you!

    goatberryfarm2010 on #213030

    Dear Mr Sara: I loved your song. It was beautiful & expressive. You obviously love it.
    I’m new here & know nothing of your situation, but many harpist are working with such interesting instruments like hang drums. If you could find someone to work with, it may get you going, again. Additionally, there’s a revival of 40s & 50s jazz & swing. Perhaps with a cello?
    Good fortune to you & a happier New Year. Jennifer

    phs on #213440

    Thank you for the beautiful music.
    Best wishes for all good things to come your way.


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