Heartland Delight?

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    unknown-user on #69980

    I live on the coast of Florida and have recently begun to realize the reality of beach weddings. Between the sand, salt, and humidity I am rather uncomfortable bringing my pedal harp out there. I have once and it went well, a piece of plywood covered in a blanket kept the bottom off the sand. But nonetheless if this is to be my reality I would feel more comfortable with a tougher harp.

    The Heartland Delight is made of carbon fiber, so it is humidity/sand/salt proof, and it only weighs 10.6 pounds. All the metal workings for the levers and such are gold plated so they allegedly won’t tarnish or rust. And from online samples the sound is incredible! But I have never heard the harp in person, and there is no possible way for me to travel to hear it.

    Does anyone own this harp, or have you played one before? Was the sound good? The tension similar to a pedal harp? Was it versatile? I would appreciate any reviews/stories about the harp!

    Thank you so much!

    — Natalie

    angel-tx on #69981

    Natalie, I had a post in this thread for the Delight. By the way, Dave is developing a pedal CF model.


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