Hearing problems

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    Michael Wilson on #162531

    The thread on eyes changing as one ages motivates me to bring up a problem I’ve got.

    unknown-user on #162532

    Are you working with the Tomatis Institute, by chance?

    Michael Wilson on #162533

    No, I’m not — and I’ve actually never heard of them.

    Leigh Griffith on #162534

    I have to have people talk to my left ear, as a result of an ear
    infection my first year of college. A benefit I found with playing the
    harp is that if I rest my right ear on the harp, I can hear it fine
    through the bone! It sounds so rich and loud compared to the little bit
    I get through the air. I haven’t had a problem with distortion of tone,
    unless I

    carl-swanson on #162535

    Mchael- Sorry to read about your hearing problem. It sounds like you’re on the right track though. I’ll be that the longer you play, the more your brain will rewire around the problem and it will resolve itself.

    sherry-lenox on #162536

    Mike, if there is “some” positive change you may find that you will be able to continue to make slow solid progress. Most of the more serious cases of this fortunately rare phenomenon are quick and permanent.

    I think the harp is a perfect vehicle for your retraining because of the tonal characteristics of the sound. This is a horrid thing to have happen. I had a similar experience several years ago that teetered back and forth between inner ear and meningitis, but fortunately my pitch discrim returned as soon as the infection was cleared.

    Keep us up to date with your progress, please!

    Michael Wilson on #162537

    Well, the actual hearing loss is almost certainly permanent.

    sherry-lenox on #162538

    I didn’t mean to make a misleading statement- I was specifically referring to the loss of pitch and

    brenda-lee on #162539

    Has anyone with single sided deafness ever used a pickup in one ear to hear what sounds are coming from his/her harp?

    unknown-user on #162540

    Hi Brenda- Please contact an audiologist who uses CCC with their professional title before you proceed with surgery.

    The Certificate of Clinical Competence indicates that an audiologist has been certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association.

    I didn’t read the whole website about Baha, but I think you might be able to get information from ASHA that would be scientifically and not commercially based, which could be helpful to you in decision making.

    The device doesn’t appear to restore hearing, as some cochlear implants do, but re-routes the direction of sound to the hearing ear.

    An ASHA audiologist will give you the information on all sorts of restoration and amplification devices so that you can make the best decision for you. Good Luck!

    brenda-lee on #162541

    Thank you, Ann.

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