Having a HeatWave

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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #103440

    I lost a string yesterday. How many have you lost?

    It was hard practicing today, even with the a/c on.

    deb-l on #103441

    I lost a bass wire while tuning my FH36 when the heat wave started, wow was that loud while I was standing right over it.

    rod-c on #103442

    Thanks to AC, I’ve not had any strings break. But my area has 7 days ahead of nearly 100 degrees (Nebraska).

    kreig-kitts on #103443

    My tuning has been a total mess, but fortunately I haven’t lost any strings recently.

    emma-graham on #103444

    And in the UK we have floods, cold and endless rain!!! (It’s the height of summer here. Apparently!)

    Susan Abken on #103445

    A few thoughts:

    It’s in the Nineties (Fahrenheit) here, and earlier this month the temperature was in the 100’s multiple days. Some harvests in North Carolina have happened earlier than usual!

    I read in the press earlier today that a large portion of the USA’s wheat crop is failing, in the Midwest.

    There were strange, atypical harvests in the 19th century in Northern and Central Europe for several years after the Icelandic volcano exploded that time, and it looks like we are having a repeat performance of strange weather patterns again, and then there’s global warming. A friend in N. Germany near the Dutch border reported several weeks of non-stop chilly rain in May/June, not the usual weather pattern for his area at that time of year, and their garden was not doing well.

    Greenland was under cultivation in the late Middle Ages. We’ve had shifts in the weather before.

    What to do: help the poor; give to Oxfam, Lutheran World Relief, local food banks and similar organizations; join Bread for the World in the USA; support local farmers and put up food for this winter, encourage church potluck suppers. Prioritize. Drive less. Increase the size of one’s own garden, where possible, or plant one. Consider a benefit concert for the local food bank, since the working poor will be hit hardest by an increase in the prices of food staples, and keep on practicing! A small fan on the harpist is nice.

    We are blessed to be able to practice, perform on, and give with this instrument, despite the weather. Morning practice might work better than practicing in the middle of the day. Autumn will arrive. Stay well hydrated.


    Susan Abken

    deb-l on #103446

    just lost another string on the Dusty.

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