have you noticed, so many harpists are nurses?

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    janet-king on #151358

    Have you noticed how so many harpists are nurses?

    unknown-user on #151359

    Hi Janet

    unknown-user on #151360

    I actually dont know for fact, but let me take a guess…

    A big reason of why many of us are harpists is becuase we like giving happiness to others. Whether your a beginner or a world renowned professional, theres something about harp music that soothes others and makes them happy. When you think about it, nurses are doing the same thing. Taking care of people, making them feel better and bringing happiness into thier lives.

    Good guess?

    unknown-user on #151361

    I’m a nurse. I don’t live around any other harper/ists, I didn’t realize there were many nurses in the harp community.

    SEAN DUCHINSKY on #151362

    funny you should mention this.

    unknown-user on #151363

    Excellent response Sean!

    unknown-user on #151364

    i am an icu and cath lab nurse for the last

    holly-bowron-hainley on #151365


    Denise Lockamy on #151366

    Holly, I agree! I’ve been a nurse 33 years, most of that in a busy ER. If I didn’t have the harp and a few other creative outlets, I think I’d be right there with those who have

    laura-palmieri on #151367

    Right now, I am a music major at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan. I have been taking my nursing pre-reqs alongside of my music classes. As soon as I recieve my music degree, I am heading off to nursing school and working towards

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #151368

    Hi Laura,

    And members of the Harpcolumn, as a fellow student of Laura’s teacher, let me assure you that Laura has CHOPS…..big time chops…..when she plays harp. I watched her play one of the Bach French Suites last Tuesday evening at our twice/yearly harp class, and it was pretty darned awesome. So…….Laura could most likely go on to become a professional harpist or a harp teacher, but it seems she is dedicated to nursing. Would that ALL nurses were that dedicated (although most seem to be).


    holly-bowron-hainley on #151369

    Hi Laura:

    Sounds like you have a splendid plan.

    laura-palmieri on #151370

    Thank you June for your kind words! You have really come to develop a most gorgeous sound! It took me years to learn what you have picked up in so little time! I enjoy listening to you in our master class!
    Thank you Holly for your suggestion! I am actually heading off to Loma Linda in California after I get my Bachelors in Nursing. Someday I will go back to school and maybe work on getting a masters in music, but in the meantime I can’t wait to finish my degree and move on to Nursing! Have a wonderful thanksgiving everybody!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #151371

    I had a terrific student who went off to get a nursing degree. She wanted to try a double major with music, but they wouldn’t allow it, sadly.

    unknown-user on #151372

    I was a music major way back in 1973 (piano). I couldn’t see how I was ever going to support myself in music. Fast-forward to the 1990s, I met Tina Tourin and studied with her at hospice in San Diego. I always had an interest in the harp. Now last year at age 55 I graduated from nursing school and purchased a pedal harp.

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