Have you ever had one of those days…….

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    Leslie Davis on #158482

    Well, my harp was shipped out last Tues. and I still haven’t seen sight of it yet!

    Upon tracing the shipment, I found out that it arrived in Denver last Friday.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #158483

    Mine had an awful journey from France to Adelaide.

    Leslie Davis on #158484

    Oh no!!

    unknown-user on #158485

    Oh Georgina how awful! I had a pal that bought a Camac a few years back and had a similar epic drama with the delivery of it..she did

    unknown-user on #158486

    Sorry Leslie to go off topic on your thread. I hope your harp arrives soon!

    Leslie Davis on #158487

    No problem at all, Kate.

    unknown-user on #158488

    I look forward to reading about the arrival of your harp!

    unknown-user on #158489

    I’m sorry Phillipa, I’ve just realised that there are two of you posting under the one name! My comments were directed to your mum Georgina. You may like to let her read my comments.



    Leslie Davis on #158490

    Thank you for the nice post, Kate.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #158491

    Philippa’s mum here.

    unknown-user on #158492

    Hello Georgina,

    Yes, I’d say you are right that all freight is on the dodgey side in our neck of the woods. You did the right thing in informing the agent and Camac – lets hope they take some affirmative action on it.

    I apologise for talking as directly to your daughter as I did, as I did not realise I was chatting to such a young girl. I thought it was you and not her. I did read the comment about “mummy” checking the harp and thought you were refering to yourself and being cheeky!

    Anyway, I am glad the harp was not damaged. I checked out your daughter playing on You tube. It’s a great sounding harp and she gets a lovely sound out of it too. She looks a sweetie.

    Best wishes and good luck to Phillipa with her studies,


    unknown-user on #158493

    Hi Leslie,

    Well, if you have a plumber coming on Friday….my guess is that that is when the harp will arrive! When the plumber will turn up, I have no idea!!

    What country am I in? Australia. Yet another Aussie online!

    Philippa mcauliffe on #158494

    Thank you Kate, no problem.

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