Has anyone ever heard of Hummingbird Harps?

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    laura-palmieri on #148979

    I was looking online to try and find their company but I couldn’t find their website. A lady mentioned to me that I have one, but she wasn’t sure of a website to go to. Thanks!

    jennifer-buehler on #148980

    I don’t think they’re built anymore.

    Donna Germano on #148981

    I had a student with one and they were quality harps.

    Joanna Mell on #148982

    Yes! I used to own a Hummingbird Harp and sell Hummingbird Harps.

    HBrock25 on #148983

    hi Laura,
    are you still looking for one? i have a 29 string beautiful hummingbird harp for sale. please let me know if you still want one.



    laura-palmieri on #148984

    Hi Shahin,

    Thanks but I am not looking to buy one I just wanted to see if my little harp
    I sold was a Hummingbird Harp. I had a 29 string harp that I bought a while ago
    and it never had any labels inside of it. It was a nice little harp.


    HBrock25 on #148985

    Yes Yes

    At one time I owned 22 HUmmingbirds.

    I have taught around the world.

    I sold most but still have 4.

    2 cherry 2 walnut

    HBrock25 on #148986

    Hi! I used to have one and a boyfriend took it and never returned it.

    barbara-brundage on #148987

    What a shame, Cyn. If nobody here knows of one, you might try the harplist:


    and maybe it would be worth putting a classified in the Folk Harp Journal (not sure what it costs, but probably not too much):


    HBrock25 on #148988

    Dear Laura,

    I own and play a Hummingbird 29 string.

    HBrock25 on #148989

    Laura and everybody,

    You all have GOT to check out this person’s web-site. They make some of the most beautiful harps and instruments by hand that you ever saw. The craftsman is a scholar on all forms of harp: I’m sure that he could help. Try it: http://www.folcharp.com

    Tamas Murray on #148990


    Here’s a man who’ll make exactly what you want, very cheap prices. It’s a family business: http://www.folcharp.com

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