Has anybody played a Thurau concert harp?

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    eliza-morrison on #71963

    They look gorgeous and are very unique—but I don’t know what they sound like. Thoughts?

    katerina on #71964

    I played his Javelot, some other models and I also own 2 Thurau baroque triples.

    Javelot is fantastic. It is super convenient to the body, with amazing sound, loud, very flying, but same time very clear and delicate. Great basses. Mechanics work silently, easily and perfect. Highest quality in everything.

    Rainer Thurau is a great artist. He takes enormous care about every tiny detail. His instruments are brilliant and, probably, the best harps the money can buy.

    Jerusha Amado on #71965


    You are so fortunate to have played the Javelot!

    katerina on #71966

    Javelot worth its cost, and much more…

    We are thinking now to accommodate the third Thurau harp. :-) Once touching the real Quality, you are forever spoiled for other things, less perfect.

    eliza-morrison on #71967

    I am envious too! The Javelot is the most visually appealing (to me) of all the Thurau harps. I would love to own one but alas, they are out of my price range. Would love to have a chance to try one sometime.

    katerina on #71968

    That’s pity. I don’t play pedal harp, but it took me some years before I could afford a triple of his made, and I didn’t regret even a second.

    I’m not sure if Rainer goes to exhibitions, he is well overhead with clients anyway. There was one Javelot in his workshop in Wiesbaden, specially made for exhibitions, but he might have sold it.

    michael-rockowitz on #71969

    Thurau’s website has links to harpists playing his harps on youtube.

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