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    Cassie M on #159395

    First of all, I’m a total beginner. No experience. I’m taking piano lessons, which I thought might help me a bit. Since I am just starting to read music. I have always wanted to play the harp since I can remember. Its one of those things where I thought I could only dream about. There seemed like there weren’t harp teachers out there and buying a harp seemed out of the question. Well thats true, it is pretty out of the question to buy a $$$$ harp. But ever since I found the harpsicle I’ve seen a bit of hope. I could afford up to the flatsicle I suppose, but thats at the good price I found it at(much cheaper than the original price). So here’s my basic questions….

    I don’t want to rent a harp really, because honestly it costs as much to rent one for a few months as it would for me to buy one(the harpsicle at least). But then maybe it would be a good idea. I am fortunate enough(as I’ve read) to have a harp store near me. I just feel strange walking in their and asking if I can try their harps when I don’t even know how to play one yet. The only way I’ll learn is by using one though.

    So what harp would you recommend? I can pretty much go up to $500 to be blunt, and thats still a lot for me. It would be a half Christmas gift, half my money. The fullsicle would be a little over $300 if I was to get it. I’ve heard this forum talk about other harps. I just can’t figure out what to do. If I love it enough, I could possibly pursue it in college and so on. So this decision might be a big one. Please tell me which harps a beginner is going to enjoy and get the most for their money. Do I need levers? I’m very confused about that. Thanks!

    Cassie M on #159396

    Forgot to add, space is a huge thing too. My room is very tiny and theres no where else to put it in the house. I have a keyboard, which at least can be pretty small under a bed and such. Thats the reason that the harpsicle seems like the harp to me. Money and space. I’ll also be going to college and possible taking it with me. The harpsicle just seems great, but I haven’t heard quite as great things on this forum. Everywhere else seems to give it 5 stars though. I’m just unsure!

    Audrey Nickel on #159397

    I have a Harpsicle (a basic one…unlevered), and it’s a decent little harp.

    Audrey Nickel on #159398

    I forgot to mention, if you do get a small harp, such as the Harpsicle or Shepherd (a so-called “lap harp”), you’ll want to consider getting a lap bar for it sooner rather than later.

    Cassie M on #159399

    Thank you Audrey! All your advice is so helpful! Hmmmm…I’m not sure about the harp kit, it seems like a great price but I’ve never built anything really! haha! I keep hearing a lot about the Ravenna, and its a big thing to consider. I mean I might be able to get it somehow. I’m sure I could save. Its probably between that and one of the sicles(hopefully the fullsicle). And thanks for the tip about the “knee bones”, that will be at the top of my list if I get the sicle! 🙂

    holly-kemble on #159400

    Hi Cassie~

    Be sure to check out the discounted harps on the Blevins Harp website. Their steeply discounted harps include shipping the in continental USA. If you call Cindy, she will play them over the phone for you.

    Good luck!

    Zen Sojourner on #159401

    Blevins makes excellent harps and you can routinely get some good discounted prices.

    Audrey Nickel on #159402

    I almost mentioned Blevins myself, but when I checked the “super discounted specials” I didn’t see anything really close to her price range.

    Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on, just in case.

    Zen Sojourner on #159403

    True, I got my Bouree for around $500 as I recall, but that was like 5 years ago and I got a REALLY excellent deal on it even then.

    Another manufacturer to consider is Jeff Gaynor.

    jennifer-buehler on #159404

    There’s a used sharpsicle on sale on ebay.

    Audrey Nickel on #159405

    One other thing to consider…you said you don’t want to rent, but what about renting to own?

    Karen Johns on #159406

    I recommend the Limerick lap harp by Musicmakers. Get the kit- it is not hard to put together, I’ve built one myself with very little woodworking skill. If you can sand wood and glue, you can put this harp together. A little help from a carpenter would be a boon, but the instructions are pretty easy to follow.The sound is gorgeous for this lap harp, and it is offered with wire strings too. I know it’s a little above your price range, but it is well worth it. It has tremendous projection and a nice range.

    Update for wire-string folks: You can also get the Limerick with optional Low C tuning in wire now. Just ask Jerry- he made a set for me.


    Cassie M on #159407

    Well its actually very reliable source, just on sale. its brand new. But I accidently wrote fullsicle, its actually the flatsicle. Sorry about that everyone! They’re not just selling one, they have tons. Actually a few sites are selling them at the price of $334 I believe, very good price IMO. The harpsicles only cost $224 on those sites too. Plus FREE SHIPPING(one of my favorite terms haha)! The fullsicle is I think $425 on the webiste, compared to the almost $800 price from harpsicle directly.

    Thanks so much for all the info everyone! I have GREAT NEWS, its seems pretty certain that I’ll be getting a job! So I might be able to get a “real” harp within a few months! YAY! I don’t have any expenses, other than tithing, so I can put all the money I earn into my harp fund! yay! Plus I think I found my harp teacher! I mostly considering the Ravenna, since its such a good beginner’s harp. But what does everyone think about the Noteworthy County Clare 22? I can afford that one and I could pick it up very close! The harp store is selling it for $550. They also have Blevins Bouree for $920, which is A LOT of money and I don’t think I could spend quite that much without my parents having a heart attack. But I’d still like opinions! Thanks!

    Cassie M on #159408

    Also I was wondering if someone could tell me how much my Flatsicle or Fullsicle would be with levers(good levers). I have no idea how to figure out the lever thing for harps at all. If the fullsicle cost $425 and the flatsicle cost $334, and I was to get full levers, how much would it be?

    One more question. What would it compare to getting a Ravenna? I mean I’m a complete beginner with little space to put a harp. So if I got the best of harpsicle’s, the fullsicle, for $425 PLUS full levers, would it be a better deal to get a Ravenna with full levers? I just have no idea what I should do! The Ravenna is sooo expensive for a girl to buy on her own plus I think I’ll need the levers.

    Thank you for anyone who is willing to do the math or give me any advice! You’re all so nice!

    Cassie M on #159409

    Nevermind about the levers! I feel like such a dork! I just figured everything out…like how fullsicles HAVE levers! ohy! Sorry! I’m a total beginner!

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