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    transform1: In case you would like to learn to play this kind of harp, you could go to the web site of Alfredo Rolando Ortiz, based in Corona, California,USA.You could view his many music books and recordings of his playing, and hear small excerpts of his compositions. Less than two weeks ago he toured in my city and gave two workshops and then an evening concert, where he shared his knowledge of the Paraguayan harp which he began to learn at age 11 in South America. On http://www.youtube.com you can watch and hear him play one of his delightful compositions: Merengue Rojo. Be aware that the strings of those harps are more closely spaced than those of standard pedal harps. Red strings are F; blue ones are C. Those harps will not stand alone; when not played they must be laid down horizontally on the sound chamber.The stringing is diatonic and some have additional levers for sharp and flat, while some do not. Some of the techniques played on Paraguayan harps, he explained in the workshops, are not available on standard pedal harp. From his web site the first book needed for learning is his “yellow book”, now in its third, expanded edition.

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