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    I am looking at getting a harpmobile that also handles especially well in deep snow. I live up in the mountains where 4×4 is a must, and we can get as much as 3 feet of snow that is not plowed. It is a dangerous, and yet sublime way to live.

    Does anyone know if a harp will fit in any of the Jeep models? I have been searching online for an hour and have found all the cargo cubic feet measurements, but almost no information on the cargo length.

    Also if you know of equivalent 4x4s with high clearance and good handling that also has cargo room for a pedal harp, suggestions are welcomed.

    J P

    Hi Julietta!

    Yes you can fit concert grand harps into Jeep products.


    We have a Nissan X-terra 4 wheel dr. and it will hold the Salzedo Concert Grand.


    harp guy

    I’ve measured, and if you push the passenger seat all the way forward, and do a column load, you can fit a LH 85CG in a Honda Element. These are 4 wheel drive, and a breeze to not only load/unload, but a breeze to clean as well. (They don’t have carpet, but rather a rubber floor and sides, so you can literally hose it out and wipe it dry if a mess is made).

    Without any difficulty I can usually fit my harp (a LH Prelude), bench, music stand, amplifying equipment, dolly, and a wooden platform to elevate the harp off of the grass (for outdoor events) all the while taking two passengers with me.


    I have a friend who loads her concert grands in a Honda Element, but it’s not true that you can hose them out. The interior isn’t waterproof and you’ll get water into places you shouldn’t if you try that. They are easily wiped clean, though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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