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    Sonya Wiley on #185754

    Hi list;
    I am looking at Volvos, the V70 wagon and the 90 SUV; i have used my brothers’ V70 to transport harps before but i’m having a hard time finding one close by to purchase. The 90s are more plentiful and i wondered if any of you drive one and use for your harp; it’s higher in the back and I wonder if that is objectionable when loading. any thoughts ? thanks! sonya

    emma-graham on #185792

    I have the XC70 which is the size of the V70 but much higher. It is normally 4WD but I have the Eco friendly non 4WD version! As I always load by myself I find it much easier with a high and wide rear opening. The way the seats fold is fantastic and the space for harp plus extras is brilliant. It’s easily the best car I have ever had. I love it.

    Louis Venus on #185831

    Hello Sonia

    Volvo’s are fantastic, Ive had the XC70 and the 90, while transporting my Daughters full size harp, both great haprmobiles with 60/40 rear seat split, great if you need to carry an extra passenger.
    At the moment we have the Ford Galaxy, not my car of choice at all but certainly more room than ether of the above and with the seat split, it will carry four people, dog, stand, stool, luggage, music case etc etc I tried column loading with all this and it worked well.
    Galaxy is lower loading than the 90 but loading was no problem with the 90, either of the three are great harp cars.
    Good luck whatever you choose.

    Sonya Wiley on #185835

    Thanks so much for your comments!

    kreig-kitts on #186286

    Volvo now makes the XC70 instead of the V70. As Emma noted it’s pretty much the same car, but with some changes to handle a bit better on rough roads or snow (XC = “cross country”).

    emma-graham on #186287

    Here in the UK, the V70 is still available. The V range are different models from the XC range – which essentially are all 4WD versions. If the V70 is no longer available where you are then it might be worth checking on availability and cost of spares etc if you are looking at second hand. Volvos are very reliable but when repairs are needed they aren’t cheap!

    kreig-kitts on #186289

    Good point. In the US, the larger vehicles are popular among the outdoors lovers who pack equipment for camping and biking. The V70s went out a few years ago and hopefully a lot of the CX70 parts work for them. The newer Outback (I think this body came about in 2011) got great reviews in the latest Harp Column magazine car reviews and it would have an easier repair situation. The Prius V is similarly roomy and the hybrids have excellent reliability and repair costs.

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