Harpists in Walt Dysney’s Fantasia

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    Elisa Netzer on #151535

    Hallo, does anybody knows who were the harpist that played in walt dysney’s Fantasia? I’m relly courious because when I was 5 I decided that I wanted to play the harp because of this film, so please if someone knows that..

    Thank you very very much


    carl-swanson on #151536

    I think this question was asked a while back here and if I remember correctly nobody knew who it was. Were there 2 harps in Fantasia? Or only one?

    anita-burroughs-price on #151537

    My teacher, Marjorie Tyre, said that Edna Phillips and she played the harp under Stokowski at that time and played the music. It was not their silhouettes in the film,she said, but rather studio harpists who were colleagues.

    anita-burroughs-price on #151538

    Elisa Netzer on #151539

    Thank you very much!


    David Ice on #151540

    Well, I’m very happy to announce that, FINALLY, the mystery has been solved as to who the on-camera harpists were for Fantasia.

    Thanks to Alex Rannie for going through the Disney vaults and finding the call sheets for the live action filming!

    According to the studio call sheets, the on-camera harpists used for the live action filming were Elizabeth Ershoff and Helen Bliss.

    barbara-brundage on #151541

    Thanks so much for this, David, to both you and Alex Rannie!

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