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    Did anyone see the harpist who performed on the TV show “Glee”? Does anyone know who it was?


    I haven’t watched it much this season. Was it someone in the school band? I love how they just happen to have instrumentalists in the room ready to play whatever it is someone up and decides to sing. “I feel like doing some Philip Glass. Good thing our theremin player is here today!”


    KK- I think your comment about Glass is hysterical. I, who am a real over of classical musicals, raised two sons who despise the very thought of musical comedy because they can’t get past “Why are all those musicians always there?”.


    Hi Elizabeth,

    I was stunned to see a harpist playing fifths on a


    Indeed. Who ever she was, she was definitely really playing.

    About the idea of there always being musicians around, they once kind of make a joke about it. Rachel and her birth mother were going to sing a song in the auditorium and Rachel called over the piano player, and then makes the offhand comment to her mother, “He’s always hanging around.”



    I always think its fun to see a harpist on tv! (especially when its actually a harpist, and not just an actor sitting at a harp)

    Just out of interest, the harp was actually a grand concert Venus Penti! Very similar to a 30…

    Happy Harping!



    I saw the harpist playing on Glee. I would like to ask a question of some of you more experienced harpists. (I am an intermediate student, having been playing for about four years.)

    In the Glee episode, it seemed to me that the harpist was playing very basic chords. I would have thought they would have used a harp for something a bit more elaborate. Any opinions on why they had a harpist to play (what seemed to me) a rather simple arrangement?


    Rod C.


    Often the harp is used just to add color to the overall arrangement. While there are many harp parts that are very complicated and difficult there are no shortage of harp parts in all genres of music that are fairly simple and are there just to add the color of the



    OMG! I need my eyes checked big time!

    I should know better because I’ve

    Michael H

    The harp was back for tonight’s episode! Seems like she’s a permanent crew member. Very exciting!

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