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    Hi everyone,

    I think I’m going to get a L&H Prelude this year and I have a question about moving/getting it around.
    I’m currently renting a 38 string Prelude for the last year and I’ve only ever kept it in my house. I currently live in a basement unit so it wasn’t really any issue getting it down one small flight of stairs and thats where its stayed for the last year. I’m going to be moving in a month to a second story unit and when I invest in my own Prelude, I’d like to go out more with it. Maybe play an occasional open mic gig or take it to friends houses to write music. Because of this, I feel like when I invest in the harp, I’m going to want some sort of harp cart but I want to see if anyone has an opinion or advice.

    I plan on eventually owning a pedal harp within the next 5-7 years so of course, its an option to consider just getting a regular pedal harp, harp cart (assuming this would work for a Prelude) but thats like $300 that I can’t spend right now so I’m wondering how necessary that is or if there are other options for a lever harp/Prelude harp cart in the meantime?

    I looked into the Berger harpmobile and talked to harpsintl and when I asked if it fit a Prelude, the response I got was “I believe it does”….so of course this is an option but I’ll have to probably email the maker directly to find out for sure.

    This is really all I can think of or gather for my options. I know other, smaller lever harps have bags/cases and carts but not for my harp 🙁 Anyone else have an idea?



    Lots of people use ordinary carts from a luggage or hardware store.

    Donna O

    Tracy, I know you said you can’t spend the money right now, but I would not risk moving a Prelude without a cart designed to move a rounded back full size harp. I have a 40 string prelude and I use a regular harp cart. I purchased one of those smalIer aluminum carts, thinking I could use it but it does not work. I do use it for my Dusty Strings harp which has a flat back. I got my harp cart for 1/2 the cost by purchasing a used one through HarpColumn. You will then have it when you move to pedals. Watch the classifieds, they do come up occasionally.


    As mentioned above by Tacye, many players using smaller harps such as 40-string ones, can opt to use a cart from (1.) a free catalog from Hanover House, a company in Pennsylvania, where they offer a cart of extruded aluminum for taking one’s trash bins to the curb (very light weight, and the bottom lip folds up for storage); or from a luggage or department store. (2.) On the internet take a look at Kart-a-Bag company. I have the Continental 500 model by Remin sold there. That company is in Joliet, Illinois 60433, and telephone is: 815-723-1940. Each model of these wheeled carriers is over 30 years old, still performing quite well, and were under $20. For a larger pedal harp I use a carrier sold at Melody’s Traditional Music and Harp Store, in Cypress, Texas. It is of wood, weighs about 14 pounds, and specifically for harps. For any harp carrier, it is important that the model you choose have two stems rather than one, leading from the bottom lip to the handles at the top, and large enough wheels to function well over gravel, grass, and harder surfaces (not the Hanover House model, that is used mostly for other equipment needed by a harp player such as amplifier, bench, etc.) when the player needs another person, or a second trip to the car, to load these things. You may also need bungee cords, to secure your harp in its transport cover to the carrier, or wide black elastic used in waistbands of ladies’ skirts, sold in fabric stores. Pull these tightly around both harp and carrier, and tie the two ends of the elastic in a bow, for easier loosening when you arrive at your destination.

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