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    HBrock25 on #156432

    Hello, everyone. While I was making a research for a harp therapy program, I came across some different programs: International Harp Therapy Program, Bedside Harp and Harp Therapy Overview (I guess this one is more like summer camp). I’m more interested in working at psychological clinics. But I don’t have too much time or money to spend on these courses, because I’m still a student. Besides I don’t live in America. Have someone got an experience or an information about any of them and maybe other programs? Which one should I choose?

    Tacye on #156433

    I suggest that you look at what qualifications are required for music therapists in your country.

    yuki k on #156434

    Thanks for the reply. I guess that it’s different in the USA and in the UK. There are interesting programs in the UK. But first of all I want to finish my college education. After that I can go to study in one of them. So for now I’m only looking for an “introduction” if it’s possible.

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