Harp song using frying pan

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    Carl Mehner on #167662

    My teacher told me of a song she heard preformed at a harp
    conference that uses a frying pan to hit the bass strings. I believe
    she said that Nancy Allen preformed it. Does anyone know about this
    song? Is it in print? It sounded like a very interesting piece.

    unknown-user on #167663

    Oh dear! I cant imagine a FRYING PAN being too good for the harp!


    Evangeline Williams on #167664

    If it only hits the strings lightly, it shouldn’t be toooo bad….

    I haven’t heard of the song, but if you find out be sure to let us all know.

    Alicia D. Strange on #167665

    Not on my Harp!

    unknown-user on #167666

    and not on my harp either! yikes…imagine a chinese wok frying pan!…lol the
    poor strings…
    oh I just thought of this modern piece I had composed for me where I use little
    keychain rings in a glissando…oh that was a cool piece…*digs out music*

    unknown-user on #167667

    Hi Carl:

    I believe it was Susan Allen, Professor of Harp and Associate Dean at the California Arts
    Institute, who first performed the work you are referring to.

    unknown-user on #167668

    At http://harpcenter.com/page/SWHC/PROD/SWBooks/5866B you can buy sheet music for

    unknown-user on #167669

    There’s also a piece called Chicken Reel by Joseph Quintile, in which you make the harp cluck like a chicken. And it does.

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