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    unknown-user on #163266

    Hi! I’m a college student, and I play harp in my school’s orchestra. Next week we are going on tour to Texas (March 6-13), and we have not yet been able to find a harp for me to use for our concerts there. Anyone know where we might be able to rent one from? Thanks!

    unknown-user on #163267

    Where in Texas are you touring?

    unknown-user on #163268

    Sorry, that probably would have been helpful to mention. :-) Our first concert is Thursday the 6th in Plano, and then we have concerts in Richardson, Lubbock, San Antonio, and Pasadena. I would need a concert or semi grand.

    vince-pierce on #163269

    The best person to talk to is Rebekah Passmore with Harps International. She is in Dallas. I’ve rented a harp from her, and she is a wonderful person and great to work with. I rented a Camac Athena from her, and it was a great harp. I am used to Lyon Healy and Salvi, but I liked the Athena. I am just south of Dallas – I go to Baylor, which is in Waco. What school are you from?

    PS – You can contact Rebekah through the website for Harps International: http://www.harps-international.com/harp_mfs.htm

    Good luck!

    unknown-user on #163270

    when and where is your San Antonio Concert?

    unknown-user on #163271

    Thanks for the information! I’ll look into that. The lady in charge of getting instruments for our tour was having a really hard time finding a harp to rent. So I told her I’d help out and see if I could find anything.

    I go to Northwestern College in

    unknown-user on #163272

    Our concert is on March 11th at Northwood Presbyterian Church (518 Pike Place). Our tour is actually the orchestra strings with the top choir here at Northwestern. I’m really excited for it!

    unknown-user on #163273

    That’s a Tuesday

    unknown-user on #163274

    Wow, thanks! Can I get back to you about whether that would work or not? I have to talk to the lady here at school that is in charge of renting the various instruments we need for tour. If she can find a harp to rent for the whole week, she may decide to just do that, but that’s up to her. I’ll tell her you’d be willing to let me use your harp (I’ll be able to talk to her tomorrow), and that might work out just great! I’ll let you know as soon as I can. Thanks again!

    unknown-user on #163275

    My former teacher, Patricia Diers, is the head of the

    unknown-user on #163276

    I think the woman in charge of renting instruements for tour ended up deciding just to rent a harp that we can bring with us the whole week we are in Texas. She must have thought that would just be easier, because then we would only have to worry about one harp and we could just bring it with us to each city we visit. Thanks so much for your offer, though!

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