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    I have cross-posted this w/Professionals: One of my college students just received a

    diagnosis of a very serious health problem. We

    had to cancel her recital for now as well as all other stressful activities. We need to cut way

    back on hours practiced, but she can still play her harp. I’m putting together a listening

    program together for her so she can take advantage of this time and inspire her with the

    music of other musicians. I’ve just downloaded some nice renditions of Chanson dans la

    Nuit, but am having trouble finding harp recordings specifically of Ave Maria/Bach-

    Gounod or the Celtic Concerto and Paul Baker’s Send in the Clowns. I’m also reading up on

    Harp Therapy music to assist her in relaxation/ regulating her heart beat. Can you

    recommend any recordings? Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, as always.


    Since she is in need of healing, Judy Loman’s Salzedo album has his most spiritual, healing pieces on it. Also Harps of the Ancient Temples by Gail Laughton if you can find it.


    I’m listening to a piece from the Judy Loman album now. A few of the Salzedo pieces she plays are too intense and modern for me to relax to (like Whirlwind), but it’s a matter of taste. I Wonder As I Wander is great.

    I have this CD I bought in Scotland called Celtic Tranquility by William Jackson. It’s very, very soothing, and it’s mostly harp. I sleep to this CD all the time.

    Sorry, I don’t have any recs for the pieces you are looking for specifically.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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