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    unknown-user on #161496

    Is it possible to play a lap harp
    while sitting slightly tilted back in a recliner, with the harp
    leaning back against me? Or will the sound box be too muffled?
    Harp music is just so relaxing and I’d love to sort of lollygag
    around, strumming, not working on any particular tune, in my
    favorite sun chair or recliner…

    unknown-user on #161497

    If you’re just playing the harp for enjoyment, and not really planning to perform at a formal concert at any time, why the heck not?


    Zen Sojourner on #161498

    Any way that doesn’t hurt is a Good Way.


    unknown-user on #161499

    Can’t hurt ya if you do.

    (I used to do the same thing back when I had my old celtic harp)

    unknown-user on #161500

    My husband fools around with my daughter’s harpsicle while lying on the sofa. “Dueling Banjos” never souned so angelic. He also will play “Shennandoa” and “Dixie”.

    william-weber on #161501

    With most lap harps it should be fine. Under the crushing weight of a harp-shaped chunk of rosewood, however, you might get tired.

    Liam M on #161502

    Oh Goth, give it a rest now, will you?

    I too like to occasionally recline while I am plucking away.

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