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    Hi folks, has anyone ever built a harp from a kit? If so, we’re you satisfied with the results? I’ve owned several Stoney End harp previous and I’m wondering if a harp made from one of their kits turn out as nice as the harps they sell. Any opinions on any other kit suppliers? Thanks Frank


    Hi, Frank,
    You might want to join the Yahoo group, Virtual Harp Circle. There are quite a few people there who have built harps from kits as well as some luthiers. Hope you can find some relief for your shoulder.


    If you go to you will be at the online site of Musicmakers, in Stillwater, Minnesota, USA,that sells several sizes of harps either finished, or as kits. They sell their instruments worldwide. A friend ordered a kit and had a guitar maker put it together for him. He enjoyed the harp but had chosen the least expensive of the 3 or 4 brands of sharping levers offered by the company. These soon had several malfunctions; the company sent others at no charge. I would recommend you choose a more costly set of levers if you order any kit. If you have good cabinetmaking skills, put the harp together yourself at great saving of costs. If you are more of a player, then either let the company make it for you, or have a competent wooden instrument maker do it for you. The above company has a free catalog, and a very good reputation. Contact:


    Hi frank,
    Like all harps I would try and play one to see if it is comfortable. I had a Voyager 33 made with the new gut strings and I found the levers were very disappointing I also don’t find it tunes in Eb well so I had to leave it in the key of C. Further to this these harps are square backs and that gives them good sound projection but I find very uncomfortable I also found after many harps I have reviewed, they were very tall and upright. If you are tall great. But harps vary in the degree of angle of the sound board. I find the more concert like the more comfortable many lever harps are made less upright. The sound with the therapy gut strings is quite unique and beautiful with a depth and richness unlike I have heard before. They are light and good looking harps.
    So much needs to be so right for a harp to sound good and perform well and the most expensive parts are best
    Good luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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