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    unknown-user on #166547

    I’ve been playing the folk harp for about five years now.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #166548

    Yes it is possible to switch. Don’t pick pieces with a lot of pedal changes. Karen Thielen is an excellent teacher at San Jose State and Santa Clara Universities.

    renate-kvalsvik on #166549

    I play folk harp myself, and never wanted to play pedal harp really.
    I’ve been teaching myself for almost a year and a half. Teachers are
    hard to come by in these parts (I live in Norway), and finally a few
    months ago I found one who was willing to give me a lesson each month.
    She plays the pedal harp, and when I got to my first lesson, I played
    one of her pedal harps. I found the transition went remarably well,
    although I haven’t touched the pedals yet. The only thing is that the
    string tension is very probably different from your folk harp – you
    should expect to have to play harder on the strings in order to produce
    enough sound.

    barbara-brundage on #166550

    FWIW, I believe that Laura Zaerr offers a major in lever harp at the University of Oregon.

    unknown-user on #166551

    Yeah, I’ve looked into her a bit.

    unknown-user on #166552

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    richard-hagan on #166553

    I believe that University of Oregon offers a degree in Folk Harp performance (or some such).

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