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    mr-s on #147814

    a week ago there were a touristic group of french people in the Hotel where i am playing and a french woman had a Guitar with her, she came to me suddenly and started to play with me Air on G string by Bach and continued , the sound was so beautiful with echo in the Hall , i really was thinking before that the Guitar could not be a good couple with the Harp but maybe i was mistaken its so beautiful, and that make me ask here if you can tell me where i can get an arrangements for Harp and Guitar.


    kreig-kitts on #147815

    The harp and guitar do go surprisingly well together. The sounds are very similar, but just different enough that they complement each other.

    I saw some videos of a very good

    jessica-wolff on #147816

    Harp and lute too, though at moments you don’t know which is playing what.

    MusikFind1 on #147817

    Alan Hovhaness
    Spirit of trees : sonata for harp and guitar : opus 374
    Reproduced from holograph.
    Description: 1 score (30 p.) + 1 part (14 p.)
    Pub: Seattle

    mr-s on #147818

    thank you Clinton for useful answer , but where can i get it or buy ?

    aimee-raechel on #147819

    I found a few of the listed pieces… Below are sites where you can purchase the scores (plus one not on the list!):
    Duo (Jo Kondo)

    Duo for Harp and Guitar (Gasull)

    Bisbigliando (Glaus)

    Here are a few recordings of harp and guitar duos (unfortunately I cannot find recordings AND scores for even one piece):
    Zarabanda (Garcia)

    Ballade (Andriessen)

    Spirit of Trees <2nd Mvt- beginning of video> (Hovhaness)

    Jennifer Newth on #147820

    You can buy the Montsalvatge Fantasia here: http://www.musicroom.com/se/ID_No/025777/details.html

    It’s an awesome piece, in three movements and about 16 minutes long.

    David Ice on #147821

    I played for a wedding where the bride’s brother was a professional guitarist, and he wanted to play with me.

    Misty Harrison on #147822

    the Hovhaness is nice but like Glass

    a lot of repeated material and meditative quality

    it’s nice but audiences might get bored with it

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147823

    It’s a very green piece. It really makes one appreciate wood, trees.

    Alexandre Budin on #147824


    I have found some compositions and arrangements for harp and guitare :

    – Freidlin Jan – Morning Breeze (for guitar & harp in jazz style)
    – Gasull Feliu – Duo for harp and guitar
    – Maldonado Raul – Aïmogasta (guitare & harpe)
    – Marchelie Erik – Nazca (guitare & harpe)
    – Montsalvatge Xavier – Fantasia (guitare & harpe)
    – Paganini Nicolo – Cantabile (Violon ou guitare & harpe)
    – Pierrot Bernard – Musique ancienne pour cordes pincées Vol. 1 – 2 & 3

    kay-lister on #147825

    I have played a lot of harp/guitar gigs as well (Christian music).

    chiara-pedrazzetti on #147826

    Hello everybody! The harp and guitar get on well very well together, especially if the guitar is electric! :-)

    Well B. I think that you also could do some arrangements for harp and guitar, it would increase our repertoire.



    mr-s on #147827

    oh Chiara, Hellobmy dear do you remember me ? i am Basel the only male harpist in the Harp Masters, it was nice to be there, and to meet an interesting and lovely Harpist like you there. Regards.

    chiara-pedrazzetti on #147828

    Yes of course! I hope you’re well.


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