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    unknown-user on #167794

    Hi everyone! I was wondeing if I could have your opinion on what
    would be a good harp concerto for a competition. I am planing to
    enter several concerto competitions in January thru March in 2004. I
    have learned the first movement of the Handel concerto, and I’m
    working on the other movements. I’m also working on the Debussy
    Danses. I was thinking of playing the Danses for the competitions,
    but wondered if there might be something better. I would really
    appreciate any help. Thanks!

    unknown-user on #167795

    Hi Melanie

    Do you play Mozart’s flute and harp concerto? Or are double concertos not allowed? Perhaps you could try Bach’s Italian concerto? The bach quite difficult and written for piano/harpsichord, so you will have to adapt it a bit- I’m learning both and the Mozart and Bach currently- and they’re both very big projects- lengthy and difficult (musically and technically)- but VERY fun to play/listen to! For something shorter- go With the handel. I learned the First so far and plan to go to the 2nd and 3rd once I perfect either the bach or mozart. I haven’t really done the danses- only looked at the first or second pages… Remember- there’s lots of music out there!! 🙂

    Tacye on #167796

    Why stick to one everyone else plays?

    unknown-user on #167797

    Thanks for the suggestions! Steven, I don’t think they allow double concertos. I love the Mozart and I want to learn it in the future. Tayce, thanks for all of the different concertos. I have heard the Boieldieu, and really like it. I was thinking of learning that one. I have heard part of the Ginastera. I’ll keep looking. Thanks everyone!

    unknown-user on #167798

    Lyon & Healy recently published my edition of the Eichner:

    marguerite-lynn-williams on #167799


    Before you choose a concerto, you should look to see if there are any requirements for these competitions.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #167800

    There is a gorgeous harp concerto by Carl

    unknown-user on #167801

    The Boildieu concerto is a really nice piece-but it would be a pretty big
    project, unless you’re a very quick learner! It has a lot of technically
    challenging parts, especially the last movment. But it’s also great for
    musicality-the second movement has grogeous melodies!

    unknown-user on #167802

    I recommend the Enchanted Isle by Salzedo, the Berezowsky Concerto, the Dussek Concerto, the Tailleferre Concertino, the Saint-Saens Morceau de Concert, the Dohnanyi Concertino, the Virgil Thomson Concertino, the Harry Somers Suite for Harp and Chamber Orchestra, and many others.

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