Harp concert in New York last weekend of June 2008

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    catherine-rogers on #163038

    The “Five Preludes for Harp Alone” by Salzedo are Quietude, Iridescence, Introspection, Whirlwind and Lamentation.

    Check with Vanderbilt Music. Most of the people who answer the phone there are harpists and will know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen them in pink covers but they were sold separately. I saw only two of them listed in the new music catalog from Lyon & Healy that just arrived.

    catherine-rogers on #163039

    You should get a CD with all these pieces on it performed by one of Salzedo’s greatest students. It’s called “A Harp Recital by Lucile Lawrence” and it’s a special commemorative release. I believe I got mine from Sylvia Woods Harp Center. It also has several other important pieces by Salzedo which your teacher will probably assign. Always helpful to hear pieces played as the composer intended.

    catherine-rogers on #163040

    I just checked. The CD is at http://www.harp.com

    karen-conoan on #163041

    The 5 Preludes are also in The Carlos Salzedo Collection for Harp (with a preface by Yolanda Kondonassis) published 2003 by Carol Fischer.

    karen-conoan on #163042

    Re: my recent post.

    zoraida-avila on #163043

    Salzedo’s 5 Preludes are included in
    (with a preface by Yolanda Kondonassis)
    with other 9 pieces by Salzedo. It’s a Carl Fischer edition (blue cover)
    You can find it at:

    HBrock25 on #163034

    Good morning everybody!

    This is my first post on this forum. I am French, I have been playing Celtic harp for about18 years now and I am just about to order a Baby blue electroharp!!

    I have the opportunity to come and visit New York City for a weekend, from June 27th to June 30th for my work and I was wondering where I can find information about harp concerts or concerts including harp in NYC while I am there if there are some…

    This is maybe a weird request, but I thought you might be the best people to ask.

    Have a nice day and let the harp be with you always 🙂

    rod-c on #163035


    I hope you have a good trip to New York!

    michael-rockowitz on #163036
    chloe delafraye on #163037

    Thank you for all these information.

    I have to wait a little to know more what my training program will be first, then when I know about my free time, I’ll check what I can find on harp in New York !!!

    Thank you again.

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