Harp and Percussion?

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    Sophie Graf on #61277

    Has anyone done any harp and one percussionist chamber music? My friend and I were hoping to do something together just for fun but it’s such a rare combination I thought I’d check here to see if anyone has any suggestions of music?

    patricia-jaeger on #61278

    Sophie, go to http://www.harpandvibes.com. There you will find that Beverly Colgan, Harp, and Joe Venuti, Vibraphone, have been playing together and producing recordings since 1980. You will get ideas for repertoire from that site.

    Sophie Graf on #61279


    katie-buckley on #61280

    Hey Sophie! I missed this! Our website is currently down (being redone) but our works list is the only thing up. We have over 60 pieces written for us and we are just a harp and percussion duo 🙂 The instruments used are all given in the works list. http://www.duoharpverk.com Also, if you want to hear some of them you can check out our album for free on bandcamp. (duoharpverk.bandcamp.com) If you find anything, just send me a message!

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #61281

    At the World Harp Congress in 2011, there was a premiere of a piece for harp and steel pans by Kevin Fox called Lily Lake Road. It is a really nice piece.

    Sophie Graf on #61282

    Thank you guys!! Katie – I ran across your website in my research. You do some awesome stuff! We ended up playing Robert Paterson’s Book of the Goddesses with a flautist but will definitely check out some of the music you’ve done if we get a chance to play together again. Thanks!

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