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    kay-lister on #108193

    Hi All,

    Our fellow poster, Rod C has written a wonderful article about Harpo.

    jessica-wolff on #108194

    Though Harpo grew up in Yorkville on the Upper East Side, not Brooklyn, and there are several conflicting stories about his relationship with his grandma’s harp–nonetheless, thanks for the article!

    Some observations of Groucho, not necessarily accurate, on Grandma’s harp: a “few flakes of golden dandruff” still stuck to it. Chico filched it and took it to the local hock shop. “Harpo was inconsolable. Without his beloved harp, the world was just an empty planet.” The harp was subsequently rescued from hock.

    sherry-lenox on #108195

    Wonderful article. The picture of Harpo practicing with bare feet is perfect!

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