Grandjany Pastorale — printing error???

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    charles-nix on #228913

    I have been working on the Grandjany Pastorale. The middle section (measures 18-30) consists mostly of two-measure units where the same measure is repeated. This happens with 18-19 (triplets), 20-21, and 22-23 (the glissandoes). Then there is an eight note arpeggio in 24 starting on Bb, followed by (I thought) the same pattern one step lower at 25. But 25 doesn’t follow.

    In 24 the notes are Bb-C-Eb-F-Bb-C-Eb-F. In 25, the notes are Ab-Bb-Eb-F-_Bb_-_C_-Eb-F. I would expect the underlined notes to be Ab-Bb, repeating what was done an octave lower, continuing the pattern, and letting the starting note of the arpeggio progress from Bb (24) to Ab (25) to F (26). (Music is marked Sotenu rall. over 25-26, for reference.

    That sounds right to me–but maybe it is because I have misread it that way for weeks now. Changing the pattern inside the arpeggio makes it feel like I missed a note and diminishes the effect of the arpeggio in 26.

    Does anyone know of any evidence whether the printed 1971 Durand is correct, or if there is an error? Or is there a reason it should be as printed, and I am so used to hearing it the wrong way?

    Charles Nix

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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #228975

    No errors. It’s an unusual piece, one of his best.

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