Good 22 string lap harp

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    sage on #224088


    I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a quality 22(+) string lap harp… I’ve been looking at harpsicles, but I find they are too big, as I’d like to be able to sit on my bed (for example) to play at times. Other harps (such as the Camac bardic/troubadour 22) are sold out, bad quality or too expensive… I’d prefer a harp under $1000… does anyone have any recommendations?

    ruth-harper on #224090

    Check out the County Kerry made by Jeff Gaynor in Ravenna Ohio.

    tanyanoel on #224096

    Triplett has a small harp called the Zephyr, which is could fit what you are looking for. I have not played this exact harp, I have played larger triplets and really liked them

    evolene_t on #224106

    Hello Sage!

    Actually, lots of brands offer this small harp :
    The Camac Bardic can be found both in the 22 strings and the 27 strings models and is a great instrument : you can check older posts in this forum to find reviews. Camac themselves have stopped producing them at the end of last years but I know for a fact you can still find them in many harp shops.
    Here is the presentation sheet (in French, couldn’t find the English one) :

    There is also Stoney End’s lap harps :
    You can even get them double strung, which, as soon as you get used to the principle, enables you to play as much as you would with a harp with more strings.

    These are just two brands : I would advise that you decide first the type of harp range you want (starting on C? On F or G?) and perhaps the price range.

    Biagio on #224108

    You might also consider the Marini Travel harp..

    Tacye on #224191

    How tall are you? Relatively few ‘lap’ harps are actually played on the lap as you may be imagining them. I have a Stoney End Eve and clasp it with my calves. What are you playing at the moment and are you planning a replacement, or an addition?

    sage on #224331

    Thanks for all the replies. I’m currently debating between getting a 27 string Camac bardic and the 22 one. I know that the quality of the 27 is better than that of the 22, but I would also really be able to play the harp on my bed, or on the go – as the man on the attached photo is doing. Can anyone who has seen/tried these harps tell me whether playing the 22 string harp like this would be feasible in the first place (I’m 168cm), and which of the harps you would recommend for my intended use (bringing the harp to school to be played in the music room, playing in bed, on the go, bringing it when traveling)

    My current ‘main’ or ‘at home’ harp is the Camac Hermine

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    tanyanoel on #224334

    I have the Bardic 27 as an additional travel harp and I LOVE it. I tried both and like having 27 strings instead of 22, but I think the 22 would be perfect for what you want to use it for. They are both super lightweight and you can get great little soft bags for them to use when you travel.

    goatberryfarm2010 on #224338

    I’d recommend the Stoney End harps in any size. I have a double strung Lorraine & love it.

    Alison on #224350

    If you are in the UK there are small Derwent harps, by a name which escapes me check out – no levers mind so really for very tiny children. Also see this page

    jzydek on #225358

    I have a Stoney End Eve that I got on ebay several years ago. It came with no levers, and I had full levers installed. It’s really a sweet little lap harp. Sorry you can’t see the levers in this shot, but I love that my little 35 lb. buddy Briggsie is in the pic. He passed away a couple years ago. 🙁

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    evolene_t on #225394

    If you’re willing on going all the way up to 27 strings, I would also advice that you take a look at Dusty Strings’ 26 strings harps.


    However, if you want to play on your bed like your image, any 26 or 27 strings harp will be too big. I personally play my 26 double-strung dusty as a floor harp (with the feet).
    If I take the feet off, I will kneel to play it ; but I cannot carry it as well as play it.
    22 strings is the maximum there!

    If you’re looking for light harps, it’s a different story : Lewis Creek makes extremely light harps such as the Nightingale.
    You can also look for non-wooden harp with a light body.

    Otherwise, the cardboard Waring Harps are said to have a great sound (haven’t tried them myself).

    Biagio on #225397

    I would also happily endorse the Harps of Lorien Sasha. That is available either finished (from the maker or from the Harp Connection) or in kit form.

    emma-graham on #225414

    Evolène, You beat me to it re the Dustys! I’ve just taken delivery of a 26 string Ravenna that will be a rental harp for an 8 yr old pupil I have starting next week. I e been having a bit of a play on it and I’m really reluctant to let it go!!! It has an amazing sound for such a small harp. I love it.

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