Gliere/Isaac Russian Sailor’s Dance

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    Sylvia Clark on #145157

    Is there a harp part for this?

    patricia-jaeger on #145158

    Sylvia, the J.W. Pepper music companycarries the full orchestra arrangement of this piece by Merle Isaac. You could either call them at 1-800-345-6296, or look at the first page of the score online, which shows no harp, only piano. I read that balalaikas were included in The Red Poppy, the ballet from which this dance came, and perhaps they were not in this particular Sailor’s Dance. In any case here is the link to view that score, first page only:

    Sylvia Clark on #145159

    Thank you…so probably not, I’d guess.

    M Rodgers on #145160

    No harp part on it.

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