Gliere Impromptu

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    B Y on #145546

    So…has anyone played Impromptu by Gliere?

    Ann Marie Liss on #145547

    Hi Brandee.
    Isn’t word invention liberating 🙂
    I have never played the Gliere Impromtu, so I’m somewhat in the dark for that, but it sounds to me like you’re hitting the fine line between the need for beauty on your hands and beauty in the music.

    patricia-jaeger on #145548

    Brandee, Could it be that you are not getting actual nail sounds from your nails, but rather a poor string sound from a hand position? First, check that all your nails are trimmed below the ends of the fingers and thumbs, except perhaps right index finger where you may occasionally need to produce the nail sound. Then, once your nails are not the problem, think how you could get more of the finger around the strings when you pluck them. The direction

    B Y on #145549

    Thanks! I will definitely try all of this.

    unknown-user on #145550

    I can think of two remedies: When you place your fingers on the strings, slide the fingertips down the strings, increasing their angle. You can prevent a buzz by pressing your knuckle cleanly and firmly against the lower string. Or are you replacing in a sloppy fashion rather than all your fingers at once, firmly on the strings? I’ve played the piece without those problems. If your teacher can’t help you, then there is something more basic wrong perhaps, like your overall position or finger action.

    B Y on #145551

    I have been trying to do exactly what you said, Saul.

    unknown-user on #145552

    hello i played glier impromtu many years ago, he is very nice composer , has a romantic music, dont be afraid of that getting rid of wizzing voice by nails is not a big problem , just open your ears and listen to every note, it sounds clean or not? when you listen carefully you will do well, and one thing more : try to change the position of the end of the finger where the nail, and you can find a position wich make you play better, so practice slowly and listen carefully to every not. and tell me later

    good luck

    unknown-user on #145553


    my opinion to Gliere is: this piece is such a tasteless! Im very sorry for

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #145554

    Have you tried changing your fingering? Can you take some notes in the other hand? Experiment and see if this helps. I don’t have this piece, so I can’t look it up for you.

    unknown-user on #145555

    How bracing! Please suggest examples of Russian literature for the harp that you prefer. Do you like Dmitri Smirnov’s music? We are often limited by what is available. However, I think the Gliere can be played genuinely, without sentiment and be good, though it is fairly short.

    unknown-user on #145556

    hi i am astonished that there is a harpist like Olja kaiser,i think she is the most super popular harpist in the world, any body know her?

    its funny that she judges Glier,

    unknown-user on #145557

    Dear Sara,

    first: Your tone is unacceptable and very bad temped.

    second: I played Gliere Impromptu in age of 11 and as a native Russian I am very good informed about Russian music.

    I dont think this forum is a

    unknown-user on #145558

    Dear Saul Davis, I just can speak from pieces I already played and would advice, lot of them were edited by Salvi during last two-three years Alibiev ���Le rossignol��� (there is transcription Liszt – Renie), Glinka-Balakirev ���The lark��� (take the original piano transcription made by Balakirev, not harp transcription, that is a way to play this piece in Russia) Kashin Variations (I have an old hand-written version, don��t know who��s printed it, but this piece is original for harp, ca. 40 years befor Glinka) Kikta V. Sonate Nr. 2 ���Bylinas scales��� Mussorgsky – Kikta “Down on the Moscow River” (transcribed 2000, great!!!) Ladov A. Valse ��� Scherz Prokofiev S. Morning Serenade (transc. Vera Dulova) – brilliant transcription! Prokofiev S. Music for Children op. 65 Prokofiev S. pour Eleonore Prokofiev S. Prelude C-dur Rakhmaninov S. Romance (Xenia Erdeli transcription) Schedrin R. ���In Albeniz style��� (take an original piano scores) Scriabine A. Prelude op.15 (take an original piano scores) Tchaikovsky – K��hne Fantasy “E. Onegine” (even it sounds hard sentimental:-))) Tchaikovsky P. Arioso (from cantate “Moscow”) Tchaikovsky P. Distant Past Tchaikovsky P. The seasons (take an original piano scores) Tchaikovsky P. Lullaby Tchaikovsky P. Nata-Waltz Tchaikovsky P. Sentimental Waltz Regards Olja

    unknown-user on #145559

    Moy drugi, ya vishnu krasny dom. See, I speak Russian, too. I have many of the pieces you speak of. I have Russian Toccata by N. Slonimsky. I would like to know who is the composer. I have shown it to the daughter of Nicolai Slonimsky, and she does not think it is by him. That means it is someone younger, perhaps a son of Sergei Slonimsky or another? Can you find out? It is published by Salvi, but is Soviet engraving. I would like to have this piece older than Glinka, also the harp music by Bortnjansky. I do not like the Morning Serenade. I cannot keep right hand in first octave for such long time, it goes sleep. I like Piece, for Eleanora. I also have K. Erdeli collection of transcriptions, some are nice, like Sikhra variations. I think the quality of transcriptions could be higher. I have worked on Glinka/Balakirev The Lark, but did not find good replacements for chromatic passages, and thought the piece lacking in strength and good taste for harp. I have a much better transcription of a piece by Anton Rubinstein. Have you seen harp music by Dmitri Smirnov?

    unknown-user on #145560


    I still did not learn tu use a scanner, need to ask my husband to teach me. So long I can scann a scores myself, will try to mail it on You. What was You email address?

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