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    unknown-user on #167266

    Hi. I am a beginning harpist and my mom is a little worried about
    the long term advantages. Does anyone know of collages that offer
    harp scolarships? Any of them Christian? Just curious. Thanks!

    unknown-user on #167267

    There are quite a few Christian Colleges with harp instruction. To name a few, Gordon College near Boston, Luther College in Iowa, Augsburg College and Macalester College in Minneapolis, Eastern University or Villanova near Philadelphia, Manhattan(ville) College in New York, Marymount Manhattan College in New York. If they don’t offer it, it doesn’t mean you can’t arrange for lessons with a teacher. Lots of schools have scholarships, especially Ball State in Indiana. It should help you as an enrichment with any school application. But you need to study with a very good teacher and work hard, and learn a lot of good pieces. A Christian school isn’t the only place where you’ll get a good Religion department.

    Evangeline Williams on #167268

    Shennandoah in VA has a good harp program, and is also somehow affiliated with the Methodist church.

    patricia-jaeger on #167269

    Louise, in the 1970’s there were far too many violinists, flutists, and pianists applying for admission and scholarships to my alma mater, and few harpists. The head of the admissions and scholarship committee asked me (a volunteer helping each Spring with auditions in my west coast city) to telephone him collect, if I knew of a high school junior or senior competent harpist interested in applying, as some scholarships for that instrument were unused. The school? Eastman, in upstate New York.

    unknown-user on #167270

    From what I have heard, smaller schools tend to give more scholarship money to students who are academically outstanding or have unique talents, and harp is definitely one of those.

    S M on #167271

    I haven’t heard of any incident in which harp-playing did NOT help in at least getting into a good college, even if you’re not taking a harp program there.

    unknown-user on #167272

    Thanks everyone for your relplies. They have helped my mom rest assured that this will come in handy one day. We even started to check out a few websites to see what they expect. Thanks again!

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