Frank Ferko Festival of Carols – gliss markings?

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    rachel-n on #62019

    hi there,
    Any help with this piece would be much appreciated! has anyone got any suggestions on what to do about what are basically vertical, note-head-width rectangles on the staff with arrows to above and below? My guess is short, fast glisses… but you would think he might have said that …
    There are also similar marks but with out the opaque rectangle.
    There are a number of strange markings in this piece. . .
    Thank you!

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #62020

    I don’t know this piece, but perhaps you could listen to it and figure it out from there. There are some samples here
    and you can buy the CD here

    MusikFind1 on #62021

    Contact Frank Ferko for clarification. composer [at] frankferko [dot] com

    Tacye on #62022

    Open and filled rectangles makes me wonder if this adds up as an indication of duration: minims and crotchets.

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