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    Does anyone have experience with any airlines, booking a ticket for your lever harp, along with yourself, to avoid any risk of damage to the instrument, in the checked baggage? Specifically, we’d be flying on American Air or JetBlue….it would be a 34 or 36 string harp. many thanks from Mary K



    A friend of mine who worked for the airlines for twenty years says you may be able to ship your harp (well packed in box) on the airline. The harp would

    Liam M

    How can I say this in a subtle manner?

    harp guy

    Here’s why I wouldn’t do it as baggage…


    Take the advice of everyone who has posted above this one. DON’T DO IT! I can still remember reading either here or another forum I read of a harpist whose valuable harp was stolen after it was checked as baggage on an airline. I’d never EVER check my harp as baggage, no matter how well it was packed. NEVER.



    When I posted my other inquiry, i didn’t mean checking the harp as baggage; i meant BUYING a ticket for it to sit next to me…I know cellists and bass players do this sometimes, so i’m wondering if anyone knows anything about airlines policies and harp-sized instruemtns taking up SEATS……??

    Cheryl Z.

    Harp Guy,

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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