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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #146659

    For those of you who studied this with Lucile Lawrence or Alice Chalifoux, Lynne Palmer or another student of Salzedo’s, I would like your input as to how they taught it to you, and the practice methods they suggested.

    For example, the octaves passage for the left hand after the L-U-C-I-L-E motif, do you play it with your fingers down on all the octaves, as it is marked L.V., or with fingers up but not muffling, or fingers down and muffled on the last one only?

    How do you prepare it for tempo, having learned it thoroughly?

    Do you practice with or without dynamics?

    How do you avoid fatigue?

    Some things that have helped me: when practicing slowly, I over-open my 4th and

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