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    kreig-kitts on #158042

    After playing the harp for a few years I finally played in public, in the Christmas Eve service of a nearby church. Out of caution I brought everything, including a full change of strings and all my tools, and ended up needing my pliers to lower an old stand for the pastor that adjusted with a bolt. Be prepared! The playing went pretty well, 3 solos and accompanying the choir for “Silent Night,” and my Thormahlen really rang out in the sanctuary. I had no idea it could make so much sound in the right space. Fun time.

    Charles on #158043


    Merry Christmas!!!!

    It dose pay to be prepared you never know what’s going to happen.

    I ‘m sure

    kreig-kitts on #158044

    Actually I was hoping to somehow score a movie role when a wandering producer stopped in from the cold, or at least a date with Patrick Dempsey when he happened to be in town and wandered in from the cold, but yeah, touching people is nice too I guess.

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