First Harp Lesson Today

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    unknown-user on #161096

    I managed to find a lady who teaches harp.

    Audrey Nickel on #161097

    I’m so glad you’ve found a teacher!

    Indra Prabowo on #161098

    Hi Fiona. I’ve just had my first harp lesson too last week. I’m quite lucky because as a busy performer my teacher can arrange to give me weekly lessons. Based on my piano lesson experience I can feel that she’ll guide me through the right track. Hopefully you will also have many wonderful times with your teacher!


    unknown-user on #161099

    I took an instant liking to her.

    barbara-brundage on #161100

    >Now I’m about to relearn the piece using the correct hand position

    Don’t be discouraged if you find this very hard to do right now, Fiona. It’s usually easier to put those pieces aside and come to them a bit later when what you’ve been doing isn’t so hardwired anymore.

    unknown-user on #161101

    It’s a bit like learning to drive.

    tony-morosco on #161102

    Oh, we all know where it is going. H.A.S. or better know as Harp Acquisition Syndrome. Incurable and progressive condition.

    Sounds like you are taking to your lessons well and have the right attitude about relearning things correctly. The time and patience you put into it now will really pay off for you later on.

    Learning the harp is a lifelong journey of interest and enjoyment, but there is no moment more exciting then when you first start. It is almost a magic time. Enjoy.

    andy-b on #161103

    Not only is H.A.S. incurable and progressive, it’s also highly contagious.

    Audrey Nickel on #161104

    As is the closely related “SAD”: String Acquisition Disorder.


    Geri McQuillen on #161105


    unknown-user on #161106

    I know I’ve caught the harp bug.

    Leigh Griffith on #161107

    Umm, my teacher and I are both bad that way! When I volunteer at the gallery I bring my harp with me to practice. She started joining me on the days that I work. She joined the board of the organization and has just begun volunteering herself and has asked if I would like to join her on “her” days – with harps, of course!

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