Finger joints popping, advice?

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    Timbre on #218927

    Hello dear fellow harpists!
    I’ve been playing harp for 25 years now, and am a professional.
    On a recent recording session, I was plagued with an inordinate amount of popping noises from my joints, especially the joint closest to the tip of my fingers.

    Any advice on reducing finger pops?
    Even supplements?
    I’m keeping my fingers nice and round, not collapsing the joint at all.
    Thank you all!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #219421

    I’ve never heard of this, I would consult a doctor. Are you sure it wasn’t a recording defect? If a digital mic is too close it will pick up finger noise you cannot otherwise hear. It might have been the sound of your finger leaving the string.

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