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    Hey there again lolz,
    Now I’ve spoken to Mr.Krasicki at Venus harps and he has told me about two very nice instruments and has invited me to come try them out. They are both in my price range at $12,500 and I’m looking to finance via allegro. As some may know from reading all the stuff I post, I am moving to Panama soon. Does Allegro ever approve this kind of purchase without a credit history? I’m 18 and have no credit cards and such and absolutely no credit. My mom has good credit but she’s in the process of buying a new home so I’m not sure if she’ll consider co signing for me. Any ideas?


    A large loan with no credit history or cosignature will likely be quite difficult, at least without a very large down payment. The pending move to another country doesn’t help, since it would be very hard to enforce a loan contract with the borrower and the financed item outside of the country. I wish you the best luck. Fortunately being gone only a year shouldn’t completely derail any lifelong plans for an instrument, especially if you can at least bring a small lever harp over to keep your technique in reasonable shape.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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