Fiberglass Harp Trunk and Harp-On-It

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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #192741

    I might be interested in getting a Lyon & Healy fiberglass harp trunk in working condition, and a Harp-On-It, which I assume is not being made any more, or is it? They are a pair of wheels that clip onto the harp feet, made in St. Louis by Maria Muribus’s husband, I think.
    Alternatively, I am interested in harp cart made by Cindy Schultz’s father in Edina, Minnesota.

    patricia-jaeger on #192742

    Saul, Several years ago, I read that when someone shipped a pedal harp across the country from one coast to the other, in a fiberglass trunk in summer, it arrived safely but when the case was opened it was quite wet. I wonder if anyone on this site also read this or experienced this situation? We must not believe everything in print, according to an old German saying “Papier ist Geduldig” (paper is patient).

    carl-swanson on #192804

    Those “fiberglass” trunks, which I don’t think are really fiberglass but just plastic, are really old now and the material they are made of, whatever it is, is very brittle and shatters easily. I wouldn’t use one to ship a harp.

    I would also stay away from any wheel transport system that clips onto the rear feet or into the pedal slots. You’d be amazed at how little is holding the pedestal onto the instrument, and many instruments have frames that have shifted and some of the base bolt bushings that hold the pedestal on are loose or have pulled out.

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