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    unknown-user on #168016

    Just wondering what students’ favorite pieces are, particularly in
    the Medieval to Modern books. Do any of you harpists out there play
    from these two books? Which pieces are you playing now?
    I played Soeur Monique at a competition last year, now I’m playing
    Samuel Pratt’s Sonatina and enjoy it. (It took me awhile to get the
    3rd page down, especially at the tempo indicated!)

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    unknown-user on #168018

    How hard is it? I’d like to play it, but before I look for it, I want to make sure it’s not too advanced for me. I’m playing “Presque Rien” by Tedeschi and Grandjany’s “Petite Suite.” Both beautiful. I especially enjoy the suite, probably cuz I can already play it, while I’m still struggling through the Tedeschi.

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    Hi Rafaella,

    Ruth Mar on #168020

    Yes, Impromptu-Caprice is FUN!

    unknown-user on #168021

    Debussy Danse Sacree et Profane. My teacher Ernestine Stoop has the most beautiful recording. For more of my favourite pieces: http://homepages.go.com/~musliston/musliston.html
    Other: Haydn fantasie, Spohr fantasie, Bach Italian concerto Andante (so beautiful: even more beautiful on harp than on harpsichord)

    unknown-user on #168022

    I’ve played a little from medaeval to modern; my favorite piece is the three traditional welsh airs, although the arrangement of “The Ash Grove” is kind of strange.

    unknown-user on #168023

    I absolutely love Debussy’s Danses. I’m studying the first one right now and I think it’s gorgeous. I took two different recordings out of the library. The second danse is wonderful also, but it looks considerably harder. I’m also having fun with Mozart’s Flute and Harp concerto. Has anyone here played Salzedo’s Whirlwind?

    unknown-user on #168024

    Yes, I have played M to M! They’re great books, really. In version 1 i like especially Dondon’s Sleep from Cod’or and the Air. In book two I like the Minuet in a minor- not the other one. In book two, i also enjoy les pefferi.

    In other music, I enjoy the 1st and 2nd movement of the Handel Concerto. Hope this helps!

    unknown-user on #168025

    I love the Medieval to Modern books!

    unknown-user on #168026

    I love “Legende” by Renie. It’s a beautiful piece but very, very hard. And I
    know some harpists are going to flinch when I say this but I love the Variations
    on the theme “Carneval of Venice” it’s sooo nice! It’s also really fun to play.
    (Once you know the notes hehe)
    I have a lot of favorite pieces..it’s actually always changing depending on
    what I’m playing. Alas, I don’t think I’ll ever like the Nadermann sonatas.
    (played 6 of 7, all movements in a time span of 1 1/2 years-I never want to
    play them again!) I also adore the 3rd movement of the ditterdorf concerto!
    AH! too many pieces to list up!

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