Favorite Harpist and why

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    Josiah hahaha on #111573

    (sorry if their is already a thread about this i didn’t see one)

    So I was wondering if I could get everyones opinion on favorite harpists and why. Maybe a little background on what they wrote, it would also be nice if you could give me a link to some audio or video clips of them or their music.

    Fairy Reel on #111574

    Hey Haha,

    I’m a huge fan of Carol McLaughlin. She is this great pop/jazz/classical harpist with great performance techniques and tons of style. She is the only person legally allowed to play anything by Harpo Marx, plays in Star Wars Episode IV (the bar scene where Luke first meets Han Solo and the aliens are playing in the background) (oh and that is such a funny story).

    She’s great but doesn’t have website. Umm, toured extensively, has several cd’s. Arranges a bunch of music and writes some of her own (which is VERY good).

    As a performer I really value performance skills. I don’t really like Jan Jennings. Dan Yu isn’t that bad. Very subtle. Amazing harmonics, but actually she made a lot of mistakes when

    unknown-user on #111575

    Everyone makes mistakes or has glitches in performance. My favorite harpist has long been Heidi Lehwalder. You can hear her on the Orpheus Trio recording from Vanguard. I don’t think you should expect clips from people here. You have to spend years on this topic, going to concerts and studying recordings, it is not just a toss-off topic. There is a very nice clip of Alice Giles on YouTube. There are a lot of great harpists in orchestral positions, or freelancing, and not trying to be famous. The vicissitudes of life don’t equalize greatness with fame when it comes to the harp, certainly. I think the Salzedo Harp Duo is pretty terrific, and heard a memorable performance by Emily Mitchell. Jude Mollenhauer is a very fine harpist with a superb harp and viola recording out.

    Josiah hahaha on #111576

    (I have seen the Alice video I have seen almost all the videos of good harpists on youtube lol…I actually put a couple of me messing around for fun)

    I really like Park stickney. Nicest guy and fantastic harpist. Im also quite partial to Renie. I also havae the live album of Susan Mcdonald playing all of Renie’s music…. I didnt hear glitches or mistakes in legende. I mean the video o xavier playing on youtube has mistakes when he is playing legende. I will have to think about some more harpists and get back to you guys. I used to have a cd of the salzedo harp duo. I dont know where it went, the only song i think i remember is the metal song or something i liked that one.

    unknown-user on #111577

    Recordings are not reality, that’s why you don’t hear glitches, not that I remember McDonald ever having any in performance, the one time I heard her. I wish people would not expect live performances to match recordings. They should be human, and warm with presence.

    erin-wood on #111578

    I totally agree with Saul that no one should expect a live performance to match the perfection of a recording.

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