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    …I realise I’m just repeating myself now (sorry), as its a topic that I feel strongly about. But I’ll shut up now!



    And I agree totally with you Curly.


    …or a green halter neck….

    Lisa McCann

    Curly, you are very cool. I have had a number of piano students over the years and never had an issue with their clothing…maybe I was lucky. I agree with the poster who said that female students need to think about what they wear in terms of bowing at recitals. My husband, a teacher, just bought a pair of sneakers for a student who had only one pair of shoes and could not participate in physical education class. I kind of get what some are saying if their students are affluent, but that is not always the case.

    As a counselor for my “main” job, I do encounter female students who come in exposing a lot of skin, which I find a little distracting, but my effectiveness as a counselor would be compromised if I starting focusing on their clothes, as opposed to what they came to talk to me about.



    I realize this discussion is mostly instructors, and I am just a student, but I would like to comment here.

    B Y


    …when I was a teen, I remember putting on a strapless dress to audition for my soon-to-be college professor in Manhattan.


    Not to worry Margaret, i was mainly focussing on “lessons” and I do not tell them what to wear during lessons. But with performance, I do discuss, suggest and guide.


    I do agree with you…my teacher doesn’t care so much about lesson attire, other than footwear, but she feels that we should present ourselves in the best way possible for performances, and she feels pants are not the best thing for female harpists to wear in performance. That’s not to say I agree, but I’m not the teacher, and I’m not a girl.

    I was taught to balance the harp on my shoulder, and that I didn’t need to use my knees but I could; we only talked about that once. I think I just sat down with the harp and felt totally comfortable! I will be cautious about that when I get my own harp, so I can keep it nice and shiny. Actually, today I spoke to harpist friend of mine who suggested that in order to play left hand in the upper octaves without strangling myself, I could hold the harp with my knee and sort of lean back – it was so helpful! Looks much better than ducking out of the way while playing…

    When I went to a friend’s harp recital, I was afraid she was going to snag her dress while moving pedals, but she managed that big flowy dress very well, somehow. And I agree with Saul, why would women want to wear pants when they have so many choices of color, style, texture, etc. in dresses! We have blue, brown, grey, and black pants (sometimes other strange colors…). No fair!

    I’m surprised at how much conversation there is on this topic! I hope my posts didn’t stir things up any, I’m just stating what I know, which of course is limited.

    Leigh Griffith

    Sorry, Vince, I got a bit stirred….;-)

    It is obvious that you fellows don’t know any women whose thighs rub
    together when they walk. Take a hot, humid day with a bit of anxiety
    (heat and perspiration), add rubbing thighs and no fabric between to
    absorb any moisture or friction and you have one of the most painful
    cases of heat rash on the planet! Now manipulate those pedals! In the
    summer I wear pants underneath if society dictates that I have to wear
    a dress. In the winter I wear long johns and/or pants underneath if
    society dictates I have to wear a dress. If you guys like dresses so
    much YOU wear them!



    Kilt anyone?


    Hi Vince,

    Thanks for clarifying that….I have not seen that in action, but would like to one day. I suppose the concern for you then is to be very careful to ensure the harp is at its balancing point, and that you do not take any weight on your shoulder. I’m sure that is why I’ve been taught to mostly use my knee to keep it at that point, to ensure I keep weight off the shoulder. But, when you use the knee you have to be very careful not to allow yourself to twist sideways…so, there are always things to watch no matter what you choose to do!

    Yes, it is an interesting topic. I mostly wear full length dresses/skirts


    And then of course a kilt is properly worn with no other garment underneath so the show might include even more than a deep bow with a low neckline would!


    Or we could pray for a breeze!


    You two gurls are just naughty…but nice! So, should still get a chrissy present!


    I think you meant “strapless” rather than “topless,” Saul.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 62 total)
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