fashion question for female lever harpists

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    Jerusha Amado on #147706

    This question is directed at female professional lever harp players who play mid-sized lever harps.

    jennifer-buehler on #147707

    I tend to wear basic black but I tend not to be a very formal person.

    kay-lister on #147708

    Hi Jer,

    I have played lever harp several times in a black velvet evening gown.

    kirsten-osborne on #147709

    I am a pedal harpist and I play for a lot of weddings. I never wear a fancy evening gown unless I am playing a recital or an event where formal wear is requested. I think that whether it is pedal or lever harp, it is work. When I am at a wedding I want to look professional but never over the top. I tend to wear all black or black and white so that I don’t clash with the bride’s wedding colors. :-)

    Jerusha Amado on #147710

    Hi Kirsten,

    I understand what you’re saying.

    sherry-lenox on #147711

    When I was singing, I always wore Sunday best, and that was a collection of conservative jacket dresses, hose, and dignified pumps.

    When I played my recent wedding, I wore a dressy black velvet pants suit. It was an awful day, snow and Ice predicted and bitter cold.

    I personally would never wear a gown unless it was at the express request of a bride. I would no doubt lose a foot n the folds and miss all my chromatids.

    Jerusha Amado on #147712

    Hi Sherry!

    I worry about stepping on the hem of my long skirts when I get up from the harp for a break or to leave the venue.

    shelby-m on #147713

    Believe it or not, I have found some pretty great mid-calf skirts at Wal-Mart.

    diane-michaels on #147714

    Last night I played a gig in a venue that was not pedal harp accessible, but I was expected to be in black formalwear regardless of harp. The joy of playing my Swan on that gig was wearing my highest heeled, pointiest toed open back shoes!

    Jerusha Amado on #147715

    Hi Shelby,

    It’s great that you can sew!

    Jerusha Amado on #147716

    Hi Diane,

    One thing that I’d like your opinion on is the width of a skirt/gown.

    kay-lister on #147717

    Hi Jer,

    If I can chime in here.

    Jerusha Amado on #147718

    Thanks, Kay!

    diane-michaels on #147719

    My ball gowns are taffeta, which I don’t really want to wear in warmer weather (they tend to be noisy, too, so I don’t wear them a lot). I can’t imagine that it would be too much fabric – if you’re trying to smarten up the look, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful skirt drape.

    My long dresses and skirts are usually A line or in that awful, yet so useful stretch poly. Though that section of my wardrobe happens to be based on straight lines, there is still a bit of extra fabric to do the trick. I went with a long A line dress and beaded jacket last night.

    Jerusha Amado on #147720


    Thank you!

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