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    Do you have a ‘dream harp,’ one which you would love to own if it were possible, or hope to buy someday? For me it would be either the Thurau Javelot de Gabriel, or conversely (because it’s so different) the new L&H Style 11 Nouveau.

    Jerusha Amado

    Hi Eliza,
    I’m also a big fan of the look of the Javelot. Have never had the opportunity to hear one, though. I’d love to know more about its tone. Have you ever heard one played?

    If I were in the market for another lever harp I would buy a Dusty Strings 36S in bubinga with Camac levers.


    A Salvi Hermes and a Blevins Xena. The Hermes is probably not an aspirational harp for many people, though.

    Allison Stevick

    Ooooo it is a dream of mine to have Glenn Hill of Mountain Glen harps build me a small double-strung harp, with my knotwork designs carved in it. It will be a long time coming, since I am fortunate to already have my big harp… But *someday* I hope the dream comes true!


    Hi Jerusha….I have never heard one played. I’ve heard another Thurau model, the Bauhaus. Both are way beyond my means. I believe the Javelot is close to $100,000 in US dollars. The Nouveau, though less than half that price, is still just a dream.

    I’m enjoying looking up the harps that people are posting about!

    Jerusha Amado

    $100,000! I had no idea!


    That’s a rough approximation….because of the exchange rate. Maybe that’s why so few US harpists buy them.


    Honestly, you know what would be a fantasy harp for me is an arpicedda from Basilicata, ideally Marsicovetere but Viggiano more likely. Since learning about how so many harpists came from the area of Italy where my grandfather’s family was from, and how many harpists are in that side of my family, I’d love to have a fully levered arpicedda from that part of Basilicata. An Hermes is I think as close as I could get, though.

    Sid Humphreys

    While I really love my ebony and bronze 23 by L&H, I think a Salzedo in ebony with the column in equal parts platinum, 23K gold and ebony would be stunning. That would truly be art deco!


    That would look incredible. I’d love to see it!
    In the meantime, I think the ebony and bronze 23 is stunning, Sid. The ebony Style 11 is very elegant, too.

    Sherj DeSantis

    HI Sid and Eliza. The first thing I said when I went shopping for my Style 17 was “I don’t want a painted harp. I want natural wood.” When I found out they were discontinued, I had to “settle” for the black and bronze. It is stunning and I absolutely love it, despite my initial reluctance to purchase. It is the harp of my dreams. (And interesting enough, L&H are now reissuing some commemorative Style 17’s in celebration of their 150 year anniversary.


    I utterly adored my 17 but my dream harp was always a 17 with 47 strings. The re-issued ones seem to be just that, in walnut (?) and bronze. Everything I always wanted!!


    My dream Harp is the style 11 and gold
    That would match perfectly with one of my harp necklace
    I guess you could say I have expensive taste

    Jerusha Amado

    Sid, that sounds so beautiful! (I used to own a Salzedo and adore its design.) Have you ever sketched out what your concept would look like, and if so, I wonder if L&H would be interested in it?


    Mia, harps certainly aren’t cheap, but I think we all have a secret “if money were no object…” harp fantasy! I love the 11, especially the soundboard art. Emma and Sherj, I did not know L&H was making commemorative 17s! That is exciting news, and the walnut and bronze, with 47 strings, is indeed a dream harp. I love the 17 and was so sad when it was discontinued. I found it to be one of their most beautiful designs.

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